I think something might be wrong with my tent

Just as I pulled into the campground entrance it started to rain. And by rain I mean the sky opened up into a downpour. It had just been sunny a moment ago and I shook it off figuring it would pass quickly.

Apparently, I was wrong. I chatted with one of the park rangers and learned that it would likely rain throughout the evening. “At least it’s not hailing. I was just talking to a friend and it is hailing all around us,” she said with a smile.

I do not worry about the weather too much as it changes all the time and you just have to be as prepared as you can be. The park ranger apologized for being out of campsites that came with a lean-to (a wooden structure that has three sides) so there would be no shelter for the evening.

I brought my tent and a tarp. I was prepared. We arrive at our designated campsite and I hop out of the car. James was with me and he let me know right away that it was time for his dinner. My dog has an internal food clock and his alarm had been going off since about 6 p.m. It was now close to 7:30 p.m. and particularly dark due to the impromptu storm.

So it poured and James ate under the shelter of the open trunk. I realized I was pretty starving myself and managed a PB&B (also known as a peanut butter and banana sandwich). It is a miracle sandwich when you want something easy and filling.

When the rain slowed, I decided now was my chance to get the tent up. I threw down my tarp and started pulling out the three poles. As I was putting the poles together I realized I had a problem. One of the tent poles was in bad shape and would not go together all the way.

Then it started to rain a little harder. Everything was getting pretty darn wet at this point.

This is one of those moments on a solo adventure when you think another set of hands would be super helpful. I turned around to look for James and found him lying under the picnic table. I imagined him saying, “It looks like you are getting wet. I found us a shelter! Now just roll onto your tummy and come join me under here.”

The thought had crossed my mind to use the tarp to make the picnic table our shelter. I decided against it as I had a good tent and I could make it work. So I jammed one end of the partially put together pole into the ground and fed the other two through as best I could and clipped the rain fly. It was dark at this point and it was nearly downpouring again. The tent slouched a little and dripped water down the center. It would have to get us by for the night.

And it did.

James inside the tent (lit with a headlamp) and fast asleep snuggled in with a towel to keep dry-ish.

The next morning we were up early and watched the sunrise from Lubec, Maine. It would be another great day for a solo adventure!

Clear skies and an early sunrise from Lubec, Maine.







Jlynn Frazier

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