We got some rain! So I went in search of waterfalls with a swimming hole

We finally got some rain! Yahoo! It has been a very dry summer season so far and the rain provided the earth a much-needed drink of water.

Rain also got me very curious about waterfalls. It seemed to me that the rain meant that there was a good chance that the waterfall levels had risen and would be a great chance to see a few that I had not seen before. As with most occasions, I get curious about something and it turns into an adventure!

Photographing waterfalls late in the day and two teenagers settle in at the upper section of the falls for a dip.

Two teenagers settle in at the upper section of the falls for a dip. I had been photographing when they came into the frame and made this final shot of the day.

James the adventure pup eagerly hopped into the car early the next morning and off we went. Where were we going? Western Maine.

Sometimes I pick a specific trail or itinerary, but more often I choose a general area and let the day unfold. I think I just find that the excitement and flexibility provide me a lot of freedom to explore, play, and create. In other words, a chance to slow down and stop when I see something I want to photograph.

We stopped at Screw Auger Falls in Grafton Notch State Park but did not stay long. The falls is easily accessible which means that it gets very busy, even on a Monday. It did provide a good chance for a pit stop so that we could stretch our legs.

Back into the car, I pulled out the map and decided to drive to the area of Dunn Falls and The Cataracts trail which is part of the Mahoosuc Public Lands. It was time to get a little hiking and wandering in. I managed to pass the turn off for Dunn Falls, though I think I know where I missed it. It was one of those  times when you are driving and you know you should be there by now. Then, sure enough, we arrived at The Cataracts. My hunch confirmed that Dunn Falls was behind us.

Rather than turn around I decided perhaps Dunn Falls would be another day and grabbed my pack. I had never been on either trail and was eager to get out and explore for a while.  The neat fact about The Cataracts is that it is part of an old section of the Appalachian trail before it was relocated a few miles away.


Watching waterfalls along The Cataracts trail.

We had the place to ourselves for the afternoon and spent our time splashing in the water, walking along Frye Brook, and exploring a section of the trail past the sign marked “end of the maintained trail.”

It was also indeed a fantastic swimming spot for wading from one pool of water to the next. I, of course, wanted to get as close to the various sized waterfalls as we could.

While I spent time making photographs James spent his time happily floating in the small swimming pools.

Here is a short video, captured while standing in the middle of the steam:
The Cataracts, Western Maine. Captured with iPhone.

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