Sailing away from the Belfast Bay aboard the Timberwind

I must admit something. I have never been sailing in Maine. There I said it.

I have been on a sailboat once but it was a small boat where you had to be careful or you might get thrown overboard. And it was in Australia. (A great story for another time). Either way, hard to believe that I had never been sailing in Maine and I jumped at the chance to remedy this travesty.


Schooner Timberwind, Belfast, Maine.

20160624_Sailing_Timberwind__DSC0058Late afternoon we arrived on the Belfast Bay and did not really know what we were looking for but figured we would wander the dock until we figured out where we were sailing off from. Then we saw the name Timberwind and my first thought was “woah, this boat is massive!”

The Schooner Timberwind was born and raised in Maine. After time spent in Portland and Rockport she now calls Belfast home.  She has quite the personality and I learned that, thanks to her work and dedication protecting the waters of the Casco Bay during World War II, she is also a veteran.

This year marks her 85th season. You can learn more about Timberwind’s history here and see images from her early days. Or even better, take a ride with the crew at Maine Day Sail. According to Capt. Lance and the crew everyday is a great day for sailing in Maine.

20160624_Sailing_Timberwind__DSC0077We really could not have asked for a better summer day for a sailing adventure. When we first arrived in Belfast, I thought we might not have enough wind to sail. I was very wrong about that.

The wind is a powerful, natural force and I have just not been stopping to acknowledge it. To feel it. Sailing opened up a whole new part of my senses to the way the wind feels and smells. I think I will notice the wind more from now on.

It was quite the team effort to raise and secure the sails for our cruise. I was mesmerized looking up at the sails. The sunbeams shining brightly in the sky.

Sailing was a great chance to chat with fellow sailors and to slow down. To ease into a weekend of adventure. I had a blast and would highly recommend trying sailing on the coast of Maine this summer.


Passing the Mary Day on the Belfast Bay.


The Schooner Timberwind does not have an engine so a small motorized dinghy helped us on our way out. It also guided us back into the Belfast Bay.


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